Whether a long-awaited return or your very first time
The autumnal Venice that awaits you is breathtakingly sublime

In the low autumn sunshine feel the spirit of the place
As you explore ancient ‘calli’ ¬at your own gentle pace

Fiery terracottas, faded ochres, minty emerald greens and azure blues
The city becomes a celebration of rich autumnal hues

Crossing bridges over sunlit waters, see the ‘gibigiane’ flickering bright
And silver-spangled canals as golden dusk turns to night

Glimpses of a unique world, the passing rustle of a silk gown
Aperitivi at the Gritti, chic events about town

Choose from seasonal restaurant menus describing delicious autumn dishes
Radicchio, game, zucca, and all manner of fresh fishes!

Make a reservation at ‘A Tavola’ where you’ll create your own ‘cicheti’
Sample delicious local wines, feast on seafood with fresh spaghetti…

We so look forward to your arrival and, as you come into view
Waving to greet you, VOV friends old and new

(‘Gibigiane’ – the glittering reflected light often seen on the underside of Venetian bridges in sunny weather)