Dates: From 15th to 25th February 2020 (with a Grand Opening the 8th and 9th February)

The festival famous throughout the world for its theatricality and exuberance, its masks and merriment. A time of grand balls, celebrating in the squares, elaborate disguises and time-honoured traditions harking all the way back to the 13th century.

This year the main events are:

The Festa Veneziana on the water Saturday February 8th, a huge water parade as masked and costumed Venetians sail along the water.
The Rio di Cannaregio turns into a real water stage with a show that every year attracts thousands of spectators, where floating structures transfer the theme of Carnival to the water.

Festa delle Marie Parade — Saturday February 15th

The Flight of the Angel — Sunday February 16th

During all the Carnival there is a daily best mask contest in St. Mark’s Square and several private Dinner Show and balls in various historical Palazzi of the town.